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This week we showcase National Pension Tracing Day on 29 October. There are millions of lost pensions in the UK. Is yours one of them? Use our free pension finding service to trace yours.

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What is a Vanguard Personal Pension?

It’s a flexible low cost pension that could help your retirement savings go further. Whether you’re just starting to save, or you’re already retired, our low costs mean you keep more of your money. 

As with other pensions, the government will give you tax relief on your contributions, which makes it a tax-efficient way to grow your money. 

The Vanguard Personal Pension is a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) where you control how you want your money to be invested. Then when you turn 55 you can start to enjoy your savings (this is going up to  age 57 from 2028).

Why choose our Vanguard Personal Pension

Over 45 years of experience

We’ve been taking a stand for investors for over 45 years. Now over 50 million clients worldwide invest with us for their future.

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Our range of over 85 funds gives you a low cost and easy way to diversify. And opening an account takes just 10 minutes.

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Low cost

We keep our fees low so you keep more of your returns. Our account fee is just 0.15% and capped at £375 a year.

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Find your pensions – for free

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We can track down old and lost pensions for you. Then you have the option to bring them all together in our Personal Pension.

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Let your pension assistant do the work

Bring your old pensions together in a Vanguard Personal Pension

Working for yourself? Try our Personal Pension

We created our Vanguard Personal Pension with the self-employed in mind. It gives limited company directors, sole traders and partnerships the chance to save for retirement in a tax-efficient way. 

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Check if you’re on track  for your retirement

Use our pension calculator to get an idea of how much you should save to get the retirement you want.

Try our pension calculator

Get started in 3 steps

1. Enter a few personal details

We just need a few basics, like your National Insurance number, name and date of birth.

2. Choose your funds

Pick your investments from over 85 Vanguard funds or choose a ready-made portfolio. 

3. Decide how much to invest

Start investing from £100 a month or a one-off £500.  

Choose how you want to invest

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Save for retirement and save on tax

Paying into your pension is a tax-efficient way to save, whether you're employed or self-employed.

Tax relief on your contributions

When you pay into a pension, the contribution that would normally end up as tax goes towards your retirement instead.

25% tax free lump sum

When you start taking money from your pension you can usually take up to 25% tax free.

Benefits for the self-employed

If you're a company director, you could benefit from making pension contributions from your business account.

Tax-efficient growth

Investing in a Vanguard Personal Pension is a tax-efficient way to grow your money for retirement. 

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Bring all your pensions together in a transfer

If you have old workplace pensions all over the place, you could make life simpler, and potentially save money, by transferring them to us. 

With no minimum pension transfer value, it does not matter how big or small your pension is. 

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Pension drawdown without the drawbacks

We do not charge any extra fees when you start to take money from your pension. Everything's included in our standard 0.15% account fee.

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Could our Personal Pension be the right choice for you

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We bring value to 50 million clients all over the world

Would you like to join us? It’s quick and easy. You can open a Personal Pension in 10 minutes.

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