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What is a Junior ISA?

It’s an investment account for children that comes with some serious tax benefits. Any returns are tax-free. 

Only a parent or legal guardian can open and manage a Junior ISA, but anyone can pay into it – up to a total of £9,000 a year. Perfect if you have relatives or friends who’d like to help out. 

The money in a Junior ISA is locked away until your child turns 18, giving it plenty of time to grow. Once your child is 18, the money is theirs. They can continue investing, or withdraw the money – whether it’s for university fees, to travel the world or something else entirely. 

Why choose our Junior ISA for your child


Our range of funds gives you a low-cost and easy way to diversify. And opening an account takes just 10 minutes.

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Low cost

We keep our fees low so you keep more of your returns. Our account fee is just 0.15% of your investments.

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Over 45 years of experience

We’ve been taking a stand for investors for over 45 years. Now over 50 million clients worldwide invest with us for their future.

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Open an account in 3 steps

1. Enter a few personal details

We just need some basics about you and your child, like date of birth and National Insurance number (if they have one).

2. Choose your funds

Pick your investments from over 85 Vanguard funds or choose a ready-made portfolio. 

3. Decide how much to invest

Start investing from £100 a month or a one-off £500.  

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Good habits start young

Starting when your child is young can help their money grow as fast as they do. It’s also an opportunity to teach them about investing.

Imagine you invested £2,500 on your child’s 9th birthday and added £100 each month (increasing it by 2% each year for inflation). By their 18th birthday they’d have over £17,000*. That’s a good start in life, and an important lesson in the value of investing. 

*Source: Vanguard calculations. Based on a 5% average rate of return on their Junior ISA investments. Not including costs. This example is hypothetical and does not reflect real or guaranteed future results.

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Already have a Junior ISA with another provider?

Bring it over to us with a transfer. It could save you money on fees, leaving you with more money for your child’s future.

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Helping your grandchild fulfill their dreams

As a grandparent or relative, you can help your niece, nephew or grandchild by contributing to their Junior ISA. It could be better than giving a cash gift, as interest may not keep up with inflation.  

It's easy to gift money. Just have the Junior ISA account number handy of the child you'd like to send your money to.

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Could our Junior ISA be the right choice for your child?

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We bring value to 50 million clients all over the world

Would you like join us? It’s quick and easy. You can open a Junior ISA in 10 minutes.

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