Find the fund that's right for you

Whether you’re saving for retirement or just putting some money aside for the future, we can help you find the right fund.

Build your own portfolio

If you’re a hands-on investor you can build your own portfolio using our individual funds. You’ve got a wide range of fund types to choose from, including index funds, active funds and ETFs.

Index funds

Track the market.

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Active funds

Aim for a better return than the market.

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Funds you can trade on the stock exchange.

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ESG funds

Funds that fit your principles.

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Money market funds

A place to hold your savings while still earning interest.

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Buy a ready-made fund portfolio

Each ready-made fund portfolio gives you access to thousands of bonds and shares in a single investment. It helps spread your money around so all your eggs aren't in one basket.

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We do it for you

Picking your own funds is not for everyone. If you prefer, we can do it for you. You get matched with investments based on how you feel about risk, then we manage it all for you.

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