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What is a Stocks and Shares ISA?

It’s a type of account that means you can save for your future and save on tax at the same time. That’s because any returns you make in a Stocks and Shares ISA are tax-free. 

You get to choose how your money is invested. We’ve got a range of options available, whether you’re a hands on investor or if you’d rather let us do the hard work for you. 

You can pay a total of £20,000 into ISAs each tax year (from 6 April to 5 April). Whenever you need your money, you can just withdraw it. There are no restrictions or exit fees.

Why choose our Stocks and Shares ISA


You can pick your investments from our range of over 85 funds. Or if you prefer, you can let us pick and manage your investments for you.

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Over 45 years of experience

We’ve been taking a stand for investors for over 45 years. Now over 50 million clients worldwide invest with us for their future.

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Low cost

We keep our fees low so you keep more of your returns.

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Choose how you want to invest


Compare how you want to invest

You can manage your investments yourself, or let us do it for you. Here’s a quick comparison of the 2 options.

Do it yourself
We do it for you
24/7 access to your investments
UK-based customer service team
Which? Recommended Provider for Investment Platforms
No hidden charges or exit fees
A personal risk profile based on how you feel about risk
Choosing your funds
You pick from our range of over 85
We pick for you based on your risk profile
Managing your portfolio
You manage your portfolio yourself
We regularly monitor your portfolio and make changes when needed
Personalised guidance from our investment experts
Account fee
0.15% per year of your investments, capped at £375
0.15% per year of your investments, capped at £375
Fund fee
From 0.06% per year, depending on the funds you choose
0.15% per year
Management fee
0.30% per year
Total fee
From 0.21% per year depending on the funds you choose
0.60% per year

An ISA transfer could make your life a little easier (and cheaper)

Bringing your investments together in our low cost Stocks and Shares ISA could save you time and money.

Enjoy extra ISA peace of mind

We can make investing even more straightword, by choosing and managing your funds for you. All tailored to how feel about risk.

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Could our Stocks and Shares ISA be the right choice for you?


We bring value to 50 million clients all over the world

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