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Find out how much pension you could get with our UK pension calculator. See if you’re on target for the retirement you want, and if not, what you could do to reach your goal.

Calculate your pension

Enter how much money you'll need, a few details about your situation and include the State Pension if you'd like to.

You can increase your monthly contributions, change your retirement date or lower your monthly target to see the difference they could make.

How to calculate your results?
Your age
Monthly pension contribution
Current pension savings
Potential growth rate
What is the potential growth rate?

You can choose between three different annual growth rates to see how much your pension savings could increase by.

  • low: 2%
  • medium: 5%
  • high: 8%
Annual final salary pension
What is a final salary pension?
A final salary pension pays you a regular, guaranteed income in retirement. How much you get is based on how much you earned and how long you worked for the employer.

Your pension forecast

Estimated pension income
£ 883 per month
Estimated pension pot
Tax-free cash
How much tax-free cash I can take?
You can usually take up to 25% of your pension as a tax-free lump sum.

You're on target

Final salary pension
Personal pension
State pension
£883 per month

Only available at State Pension age.

State Pension
Our calculator assumes you're eligible for the full State Pension from age 67. When you can receive the State Pension depends on your date of birth and the rules can change.
You'll need

£ per month

Your pension forecast

£ 883 per month

Your pension forecast

Our pension calculator is a guide only. It’s not guaranteed you'll get that amount.

The figures shown are before tax and we have not built in annual or lifetime allowances set by HMRC.

Your eventual pension pot and income can depend on some of these things:

  • future contributions
  • returns from investments
  • tax relief on contributions
  • inflation and interest rates when you retire
  • changes in tax and pension rules by HMRC or other regulatory bodies
On track

How we worked this out

We’ve assumed the following things for our calculations.

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