What taxes will I have to pay on investments I hold in an ISA or General Account?

It depends on which type of account you hold your investments in…

Stocks and Shares ISA or Junior ISA
First the good news – you won't pay capital gains tax or income tax on any funds that you hold in a Stocks and Shares ISA or Junior ISA.

General Account
If you hold funds in a General Account you might be liable to income tax and capital gains tax, subject to your wider financial situation and the thresholds set by the government.

As a UK taxpayer you get a tax-free dividend allowance each year and you'll only have to pay income tax on dividends that go over that amount. You can find more information about dividend tax and the current dividend allowance on HMRC's website.

There is also an HMRC personal savings allowance from interest income paid by funds that invest in bonds.

The interaction between the dividend allowance and the personal savings allowance depends on your specific personal circumstances. For the latest information, we recommend you check the tax section of the HMRC website.

All of our Ireland-domiciled funds and ETFs and all of our UK-domiciled funds pay dividends or interest gross of tax.

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