How long will my transfer to Vanguard take?

ISA transfers typically take 30 working days.

A pension transfer could take as little as 10 working days or as long as 10 weeks or more. 

The transfer process can be slowed down by a mismatch of information between what you have submitted to us and what your current provider has.

Things to check before you start a transfer

  • Policy number — do you have the right policy number? There can be multiple numbers on a statement. Check with your current provider if you’re not sure.

  • Address — have you changed address since opening the policy? If your current provider has an old address for you, get in touch with them to update it.

  • Name — have you changed your name, got married or divorced since opening the policy? If your current provider has a previous name for you, get in touch with them to update it.

If we need more information, we’ll contact you.


If your current provider cannot process your transfer electronically you may need to complete a discharge form. We will let you know if there is anything you need to complete.

Workplace pension schemes

If you want to do a full transfer of your workplace pension, you cannot be an active member of it. This means you need to leave the scheme first. Wait 3 months after receiving your final contribution and then start a transfer to us.

You can sometimes transfer part of your workplace pension to us while still being a member of it. Contact your current provider to confirm if they allow it.

You should get advice when thinking about transferring a workplace pension to a self-invested personal pension (SIPP) to understand the risks.

The Vanguard Personal Pension is not a workplace pension. Your employer cannot contribute to it directly or on your behalf.

How the transfer process works

  • After you submit a transfer, we will contact your current provider.

  • It tells us the value of your account.

  • We review and ask your current provider to proceed.

  • It sends us your investments and any cash you may have and a confirmation.

    (If your pension has Vanguard funds these can usually be transferred to us directly as units or shares. Any non-Vanguard funds will be sold by your current provider and transferred to us as cash).

  • Your investments are applied to your Vanguard account, and we let you know by secure message. 

  • If your transfer is rejected for any reason, we will send you a secure message to let you know.

Check your secure messages

If we email you to let you know you have a secure message, log in to your account to read it. We could be asking an important question about how you want your transfer to proceed. The sooner we get it the quicker we can proceed with your transfer.
We always contact you if there are any issues with your transfer.

Provider processing times

Some transfers are complicated and may take longer than expected. The different stages of a transfer depend on providers’ processing times and how long it takes to get the correct information. If the transfer is taking longer than expected, we will always contact your current provider to investigate.

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Our UK-based team is ready to answer your questions

Our UK-based team is ready to answer your questions.

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