Transferring an ISA or General Account to us

There is no minimum ISA transfer value.

We do not charge a fee for transfers, but your current provider might charge you for exit fees. Check with them to be sure.

What you can transfer

  • Cash ISAs (to our Stocks and Shares ISA)
  • Junior ISAs (JISA)
  • Stocks and Shares ISAs (full or partial transfers)
  • General Investment Accounts (Vanguard funds only)

If you want to transfer an ISA:

  • current tax year contributions – ISA rules require a full transfer
  • previous tax year contributions – we accept full and partial transfers. If you want to do a partial transfer, we only accept Vanguard funds

If you want to transfer a JISA, we only accept a full transfer.

If you want to transfer a General Investment Account, we only accept a transfer of Vanguard funds.

What happens to investments in the transfer process? 

  • If you have Vanguard funds with your current provider, they will be transferred across as units or shares (known as in specie or re-registration).
  • If you have funds that are not Vanguard they will automatically be sold, and the cash generated from this will be transferred over to your new ISA.
  • If you hold a cash ISA this will be transferred over to your new ISA as cash.

What you'll need to apply

  • Your account number with your current provider
  • Details about your existing investments – such as value of the transfer, whether you have Vanguard funds or not
  • National Insurance number
Please be aware

Investments that are sold and transferred as cash are out of the market during the transfer so you could miss out on any growth or income during this time.

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Our UK-based team is ready to answer your questions

Our UK-based team is ready to answer your questions.

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