If you believe that your Vanguard account has been compromised or may be at risk, you should immediately contact us by telephone 0800 587 0460, or by email at

How we keep your account secure

Vanguard is committed to and devotes significant resources into protecting your online security and takes very seriously the importance of maintaining your personal information and investments securely at all times.

How we keep you safe

We use a broad range of physical and electronic controls. All account information passing between your computer and our systems is securely encrypted. Our systems are protected by firewalls which block unauthorised entry.

Account security features

Security features of your Vanguard account include


Secure access to your account, and preventing unauthorised access

Time-out features

Additional security code for account changes

Secure online withdrawal

How you can keep your account safe

Don't make it easy for fraudsters to get hold of your account details. Here’s what you can do to keep yourself safe from fraud.

What you can do

Security features of your Vanguard account include

Never reveal your password

Keep your details up-to-date with us

Become familiar with types of fraud

Watch out for fake Vanguard emails. Our email addresses always end in,, or

How to report fraud

Phone us immediately on 0800 587 0460, or by email at

Types of investment fraud

Keep your information safe from fraudsters. Familiarise yourself with the ways scammers try to access your information. Check if a firm is FCA-authorised on the Financial Services Register. If they’re not registered, it’s probably a scam.

Fraudsters often try to mimic genuine companies. They will use logos, addresses, telephone numbers and the names of real company employees to make themselves seem legitimate. They may also use paper or online forms to try to capture your personal details for fraud.

You can find out more about how to protect yourself from investment fraud on the Take Five website.

More information on protecting yourself from fraud

Free reliable, expert advice may be obtained to protect yourself, your computer, smartphone and tablet, including their use and transacting on line.

UK Police’s Action Fraud website has further advice and up to date information about protecting yourself from identity theft, fraud and cyber-crime and details of scams, and can be used report a fraud.

UK Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) has various reference material and guidance regarding safeguarding against identity fraud, unauthorised persons and pension, investment and similar and frauds. 

In order to safeguard the public, the FCA issues notices regarding the unauthorised use authorised firms’ names if they are cloned; one such notice relates to the unauthorised use of Vanguard’s name which was recently cloned to misrepresent Vanguard. 

The following organisations offer various security and services options to help protect your ID.





For further information about our security policy, please contact Vanguard Asset Management, Limited at