New year, new opportunities

With the new tax year underway, now is the perfect time to evaluate your finances.

Why it pays to save

You’re interested in saving for your future – that’s why you’re here. And luckily the UK government wants to help you save too. That’s why they’ve given you a host of tax benefits in the form of pensions and ISAs.

Each type of account helps you save for different goals that suit you and how you live your life. And each account has different tax benefits, and different limits on how much you’re allowed to pay in.

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What you can do with your accounts

Invest up to £20,000 each tax year

You can pay a total of £20,000 a year across all your ISAs each tax year. This is called your ISA allowance.

Your ISA allowance runs out at the end of the tax year on 5 April – so use it or lose it!

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Withdraw anytime, tax-free

You can withdraw from your Stocks and Shares ISA whenever you need to, with no exit fee. Your withdrawals will be free from Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax.

The Vanguard Stocks and Shares and ISA is a flexible ISA. That means if you withdraw money from your ISA and pay it back within the same tax year, it will not use any of your allowance.

Transfer in from other providers

If you have money invested in ISAs elsewhere, you can use an ISA transfer to move it to Vanguard – without it affecting your allowance.

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Account types at a glance

Stocks and Shares ISA
Personal Pension
Junior ISA
General Account
Annual allowance
Up to £60,000 (or your income, whichever is lower)
Carry forward allowance
Previous 3 years
Who can pay into it
Only you
You or another Vanguard account holder. Business owners can make company contributions.
A parent who manages the account. Family and friends can gift money to the account.
Only you
Tax relief on contributions
Tax-free withdrawals
25% of withdrawals tax-free, the rest taxable as income
Tax-free, once the child has turned 18
When you can withdraw
From age 55 (age 57 from 2028)
The child can withdraw from age 18
What you can invest in
Over 85 Vanguard funds
Over 85 Vanguard funds
Over 85 Vanguard funds
Over 85 Vanguard funds