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Looking to save money on your investments by transferring your individual savings account (ISAs) and/or self-invested personal pension (SIPP) to Vanguard?

Here’s an explanation of how transfers work, with a few additional tips thrown in to help you finalise the process more quickly.

ISAs, Junior ISAs and general accounts

Step 1: Tell us a few details about your existing provider and investments.

  • Tip: Please check your personal details, like your name and address, are up to date with your existing provider as any differences can slow things down.

Step 2: If your investments can be transferred electronically, you won’t normally need to do anything else.

  • Note: We’ll only contact you if we need some extra information. Some providers need to see signed paperwork before transferring. If your existing provider doesn’t do electronic transfers, a paper form is required.
  • Tip: Transfer forms are available to download from your documents section within your account and needs to be posted to us. If your existing provider is happy to accept a copy, the form can be uploaded back into your Vanguard account.

Step 3: Transfers generally take around 30 business days to complete but can take longer depending on the provider. We periodically chase providers if we haven’t had a response from them.

  • Tip: If you intend to pay more into your ISA this tax year but are getting close to the tax year-end, we suggest you pay in any remaining money before initiating your transfer. 

Step 4: We’ll let you know when it’s complete.

Please Note: Transfers aren’t impacted by the tax year-end. Subscriptions count towards the tax year in which they were made. So, if you initiate a transfer this tax year but it doesn’t complete until next tax year, that doesn’t affect your subscription.

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Self-invested personal pension

Step 1: Tell us a few details about your existing provider and investments.

  • Tip: Please check your personal details, like your name and address, are up to date with your existing provider as any differences can slow the process down.

Step 2: We contact your existing provider to start the transfer process.

  • Note: As pension transfers are a heavily regulated area, you may be required to complete and return documents during the transfer journey. However, please be assured that we will contact you if there are any additional requirements.

Step 3: Your existing provider will process your transfer.

Depending on your existing provider and the type of pension, pension transfers can take up to 10 weeks to complete.

  • Note: Your transfer may complete quicker if your transfer can be submitted electronically, and it may take longer during periods of high volume, such as at the end of the tax year.

Step 4: We’ll let you know when it’s complete.

Please note: If you’re transferring from a final salary scheme, please ensure that you have already obtained a cash equivalent transfer value (CETV). A CETV is usually valid for three months from the date it is issued. If your pension has a CETV, please confirm the expiry date via secure message. If your CETV expiry date is within the next 30 business days, you may need a new one during the transfer process, which your pension provider may charge you for. It can also lead to a change in the value. Finally, depending on the value of your pension you may need to receive positive financial advice to proceed with the transfer.

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Investment risk information

The value of investments, and the income from them, may fall or rise and investors may get back less than they invested.

Eligibility to invest in a Vanguard Personal Pension depends on your individual circumstances. Please be aware that pension and tax rules may change in the future and the value of investments can go down as well as up, so you might get back less than you invested. You cannot usually access your pension savings or make any withdrawals until the age of 55.

If you are not sure of the suitability or appropriateness of any investment, product or service you should consult an authorised financial adviser. Please note this may incur a charge.

The eligibility to invest in either ISA or Junior ISA depends on individual circumstances and all tax rules may change in future.

You will be out of the market while your investments are being transferred so you could miss out on any increase in the value of your investments should markets rise. Should markets fall the value of your investment will remain the same.

Important information

This document is designed for use by, and is directed only at persons resident in the UK.

The information contained in this article is not to be regarded as an offer to buy or sell or the solicitation of any offer to buy or sell securities in any jurisdiction where such an offer or solicitation is against the law, or to anyone to whom it is unlawful to make such an offer or solicitation, or if the person making the offer or solicitation is not qualified to do so.  The information in this article does not constitute legal, tax, or investment advice. You must not, therefore, rely on the content of this article when making any investment decisions.

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