What happens if I move abroad?

In line with our Terms and Conditions, we ask all clients to keep their address up to date under My Profile in your online account.  

If you move abroad or are no longer classified as a UK resident, there will be restrictions placed on your account. In most circumstances you would be able to leave your funds invested.

ISAs and General Accounts

If you're moving abroad, there are 3 options for managing your Vanguard account:

  • sell your funds, withdraw the cash and close your account 
  • keep your account with restricted access 
  • transfer to a provider who supports overseas residents

We suspend your account. Which means you can keep your funds, but you cannot make any deposits, buys or switches. You can sell and withdraw if you have a nominated UK bank account.


You would not be able to pay into your Personal Pension. You can keep your portfolio or transfer to another UK provider.   

When you retire, we can assist you to access your pension if you hold a UK bank account.  

We base this policy on our scheme rules, other UK providers might offer different options. 

We do not facilitate recognised overseas pension scheme (ROPS) transfers in or out.

There could be an impact on tax when you transfer a pension abroad or access it if you are not resident in the UK. We recommend contacting a qualified financial adviser to assist you if this applies to you.

Moving to the USA

We do not offer our services to US persons. If you move to the US, you will need to close your account or transfer to another provider.  

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