I opened an account but have changed my mind and would like to cancel

There are different rules for cancelling depending on the type of account you have.

Personal Pension

You can cancel your SIPP by informing us in writing by secure message within 30 days from the account being opened.

  • For any single payments you’ve made – we’ll pay back minus any fees already deducted and any fall in the value of your investments.

  • For any regular payments you’ve made – we will pay back in full if the first payment in a series is within 30 working days.

  • For any company or third-party contributions you’ve made – we can only cancel if we cancel the entire account within 30 working days of account opening.

  • For completed transfers – we can only cancel if it is within 30 working days of submitting the transfer. You should be aware some providers may refuse to take the transfer back and you may need to choose a new provider. What is returned is the value of the account at that time so be aware it could include losses if it has been invested.

The first time you withdraw money from your pension you can cancel the withdrawal within 30 working days.

ISA and General Account

You can cancel your Stocks and Shares ISA by sending us a secure message to let us know. It must be done within 14 calendar days from the day you opened the account.

On cancellation, any investments can either be sold to you or transferred to another nominee on your behalf.

The cancellation amount will be equal to the value of any payments made before to the cancellation or value of your investments at the time Vanguard sells them, whichever is lower. Any applicable charges will apply until your account is closed, and they will not be refunded.

If we choose and manage your investments for you

If you’d prefer to do it yourself or close your account, call us on 0800 587 0460. You can talk to us from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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