Vanguard General Account tax return information

If you hold a Vanguard General Account you'll receive a Consolidated Tax Certificate (CTC) from us. This will include details of your dividends and interest income for the tax year. You'll find this in your inbox when you log in.

ETFs and Irish-domiciled funds

If you hold Vanguard Irish-Domiciled funds (including our ETFs) (also known as reporting funds) in your Vanguard general account, then you may need to declare something called "Excess reportable income".

What is 'Excess reportable income'?

Excess reportable income is the amount an offshore fund earns beyond income declared as distributions – whether that's dividends or interest. This is extra income that can accumulate in your fund throughout the year.

UK Reporting Fund Status

All share classes of the Vanguard Irish-Domiciled funds (including our ETFs) that are available on this platform have UK Reporting Fund Status (UKRFS). A full list of all funds with UKRFS can be found here.

How do I know if I need to declare excess income?

If you have invested in any of these funds below and you've checked with HMRC that you do need to, then you may need to report your excess income. Excess reportable income can be found in our Report to Participants.

Vanguard products bought through other providers

Not all ETF and fund share classes offered by Vanguard through other providers have UK Reporting Fund Status. If you're not sure whether your Vanguard product has UK Reporting Fund Status, then you'll need to check this with your provider.

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